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Custom ERP Software Development

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With Our Cutting-Edge ERP Software Development, Unlock Business Excellence

Can Help You Achieve Business Excellence

These software programs, which include manufacturing, supply chain, financial, customer relationship management, human resources, and warehouse management, are incredibly useful for planning, managing, and optimizing internal business processes. BazzoomTech has a track record of successfully delivering and integrating several ERP platforms for businesses of all sizes throughout the world.

Custom ERP Software Development



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Our Incomparable ERP Development Services can offer you

A larger development team Increase delivery speed and your development team’s efficiency with BazzoomTech’s devoted engineers

Supply Chain Administration

We are aware of how essential supply chain operations are to your expansion. We create solutions that will assist you in managing shipping, logistics, tracking, invoices, and other real-time data while keeping this in mind.

CRM Programme

We assist you in creating reports for your business's sales, quotes, support requests, newsletter, management, and interactions with both current and potential clients.

Point of Sale (POS) Software

It has long been understood that there is no one Point of Sale system that can work for all businesses. For this reason, BazzoomTech provides a variety of solutions. Our team has the knowledge to confidently choose a solution for your company thanks to our expertise in such a broad range of products. Our advisors collaborate with our development team to deliver you the solution that is most appropriate for your company based on the specific needs of your organisation.

Inventory Control Method

BazzoomTech offers its clients inventory management programmes that make it easier for companies to keep track of all of their finances, logistics, operations, and inventory in one location. We develop cross-platform, web, and mobile apps for inventory tracking using RFID and barcode/QR code scanning.

Human Resource Administration

The most important resource today is people because they are the most important corporate asset and are needed by all professional business divisions. Our ERP solutions include human capital management, which enables more precise administration of your staff.

Systems for Managing Documents

We have extensive expertise developing unique Document Management Systems (DMS) that aid in streamlining document processing, handling duties, and monitoring the status of material. The BazzoomTech development team also produces mobile document management applications that small, medium, and big businesses can use.

Financial and Accounting Management

Our billing and accounting software has a tonne of features, including support for multiple currencies and nations, robust accounting with tax computations, a company's chart of accounts and cost centres, etc.

Solution for Warehouse Management

The versatile and adaptive BazzoomTech warehouse management system can help you modify your operations as your needs evolve. The solution is simple to use and simple to adopt, and it decreases inefficiencies, improves order accuracy, and streamlines inventory management.

System for Manufacturing Management

Nowadays, ERP systems frequently include a manufacturing execution system (MES) for production management. Our manufacturing module helps businesses manage their production and make sure they have everything they need, like raw materials and equipment capacity, for scheduled production runs. It can help organisations track actual output versus predicted output throughout the manufacturing process and update the status of goods-in-progress.
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At Bazzoom Tech, we specialize in crafting innovative and tailor-made software solutions and web applications that empower businesses to thrive in the digital age.

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